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Commercial Apps Commercial Software Applications
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Commercial Apps Mobile Software Apps
In-house Apps Application Plugins (e.g. Excel)
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The Expertise We Bring

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Good programming is all about supportability and reliability. These are achieved through moduler design, peer reviews, reuse of tested code, automated testing, well organized logic and more.

Highly Responsive

Database Design

A correctly structured database reflects a clear understanding of the problem. Incorrectly designed databases can create long lasting and costly constraints for an application.

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API Development

A well designed API (interface to the server) allows much greater flexibility when developing business strategies. Please call us for a more in-depth explanation.

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UI/UX Design

Before any programming starts, we start with the end in mind by creating UI/UX designs so our customers can see how people will interact with the application.

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System Architecture

Well architected applications reduce the cost of future changes and enhancements. The key is modular designs where pieces can be easily added and replaced.

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Business Knowledge

This is where we shine. Most software developers ask for specs and they want to build to the spec. We ask for business problems and we build business solutions.

The Types of Software Projects We Build

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Commercial Software Applications

We love developing commercial software applications. We love the new ideas or the ideas of how an application could be better. We're great brainstormers because we can put ourselves in the shoes of the eventual customer. Our UI/UX designer and project lead will work with your team to create a design that allows you to click around and see how your application will actually work.

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In-House Software Applications

Do you see opportunities to improve the efficiency and quality of your internal operations? We can write entire applications, add some functionality to existing applications, integrate data from multiple applications, automate data entry and much more. For in-house applications we like to send in a business process consultant to help you identify the opportunity areas for process improvement.

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Legacy Software Modernization

Hundreds of thousands of companies are reliant on old software that needs to be enhanced or modernized. Sometimes it's best to look for a replacement and sometimes the right answer is to recognize that it's time to replace the software with a modern version that's enhanced with new features. Whatever is the right answer, we can help you make an assessment.

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Mobile Software Apps

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Would you like your existing customers to have mobile access to information you provide? Mobile apps are great because they can be with you anywhere. They can be designed to function when a mobile device does not have internet access. They can be tied in with your internal databases. They can be a fully mobile version of a software application that's already in use. Whatever your mobile needs are, we can help.

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Application Plugins

This is an area many are unfamiliar with. Do you use Excel or Google Sheets in your business processes? Would you like to capture that data in a database or integrate data from databases or other data sources into your spreadsheets? We can do that. We can also integrate into Outlook, any of the Adobe products and other familiar desktop applications. Need a browser plugin? We can do that too.

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Device Integration and Control

Do you have industrial or other equipment which you would like to collect data from or control? If so, let us take a look and explore what options are available. Often devices have communication ports which can be used, but even without a port we can help you control and monitor equipment from either dedicated apps, mobile apps or integrated with your internal systems.

A Better Approach

Synap eliminates these risks. Even if someone leaves, we have a team to back them up. Everything is documented and it's your property. We have thorough planning documentation. We document every task. We track every line of code that's changed and why it was changed. We start with a UI/UX design that gives you the confidence you need that we really do understand the goals.