Agile Software Development

We take an agile approach to software development. This approach recognizes that software development requires a tight partnership between the developers and the users. Gone are the days of writing long detailed specs. Now specs are interactive UI/UX designs and plans are created jointly as the project progresses.


Key Principles of Agile Software Development


We engage your team to understand the needs, constraints and objectives.


We plan and build interactive UI/UX designs to simulate the application before construction begins.


We communicate frequently and we show progress continuously by delivering working software.


We understand and welcome changes because with each step you get new information and ideas.


We ensure continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.


We focus on simplicity - the art of maximizing the amount of code not written.

Our Approach Protects Your Investment

source control

Source Code Control

The source code is the asset you are investing in. Like any engineering project, changes to this need to be tracked. We utilize distributed source code version control tools to ensure we know who made what changes and when.

system documentation

System Documentation

When undertaking a project we gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. This knowledge is also an asset. It's your asset. Documentation of systems is often ignored, but this creates a risk to your business because the knowledge is only in a person's head, so if they go so does the knowledge.

project management

Project Management

It's important with large projects to have an experienced project manager overseeing the tasks. This helps to ensure that everyone is communicating, that task assignment are aligned with priorities, and that resource levels are managed.

intellectual property

Intellectual Property

We protect your intellectual property. You don't want to pay for a software application only to see it show up somewhere else. We can help you to understand intellectual property right specific to software. Being that we're a US-based company, your rights are even more protected.