Custom Software Development

With a process engineered for better results


Specializing in Midsize Businesses

(or those growing into one)

Synap provides custom web software development

Synap provides custom software development, including commercial software applications, in-house software applications, legacy software modernization, mobile app development, application plugins (e.g. Excel, Outlook, Adobe), and Integrating physical equipment or small devices with the cloud and mobile apps.

Our team brings a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience providing expertise throughout the whole UI/UX planning, software engineering, development, implementation, project management, and business analysis processes. Plus, you benefit from our keen process focus

We offer a different approach that eliminates a lot of the risks companies face when they only need between one-quarter to three developers. The following section highlights a few of these risks and the advantages of our new alternative team approach.

Finding Quality Software Developers
is Difficult

Independent Contractor


Risks: The challenge with contractors is that they move on to their next contract. If you need ongoing development or support, you may be out of luck. You also need to be technically savvy enough to assess their skills. Beware, sometimes the most knowledgeable developers write the least supportable code.



Risks: Hiring an employee has many of the same issues as hiring a contractor. Too often below average developers are hired by midsize companies because they don't know how to assess technical skills and mistakenly rely on a staffing agency. Due to the lack of management and peers, code quality and documentation suffer.



Risks: This works well for augmenting an existing team, but for midsize companies needing just a few developers, this can be a disaster. Success with outsourcing is dependent upon technical oversight, strong vetting, tight quality control, and, most importantly, excellent communications. There is also a risk of losing intellectual property.

synap choice

The New

We offer an alternative. We bring a team's worth of skills and knowledge and you choose a number of hours. Each block of time includes a mix of experts. We are very process-focused which results in greater efficiency. Code quality and supportability is designed into our process. This approach provides the best return on your investment with the least risk.

Our Approach Alleviates Your Risk

We provide the agility of an individual
with the strength of a team

Agility and Strength

The Agility of an Individual

Highly Responsive

Highly Responsive

Reacting quickly is key and no matter what happens we always have someone who can jump on an issue and get it fixed right away. This can be a problem when you hire only one person who may be out when a critical issue arises.

Super Flexible

Super Flexible

Based on the needs of your project we can add or remove staff who have the skills and expertise you need at that point in time. This provides your business with far more flexibility than one person could ever provide.

Very Focused

Very Focused

Because each person is focused on their set of responsibilities based upon their skills and knowledge, our team approach keeps everyone more focused without unnecessary distractions.

Deeply Involved

Deeply Involved

Each customer has a project manager, a primary developer, and a business analyst who all learn about your business needs to ensure the software application successfully achieves it's intended objectives.

The Strength of a Team

Broad Expertise

Broad Expertise

Instead of one employee with limited skill sets, we bring a whole team's worth of skills and knowledge. This not only includes technical skills and project management, but also UI/UX design, business expertise, cloud infrastructure planning, and more.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Software quality preserves your investment. It's achieved by having a well-defined process with quality control checks, well-tested reusable code, project oversight, and a culture of excellence. This is exactly what Synap brings to every project.

Greater Efficiency

Greater Efficiency

By having a process focus and putting the right person with the necessary skills on the right tasks, we can be more productive. Also, we have a much larger base of reusable code to draw from which makes us even more efficient.

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

We assign a primary developer to your project, alternate developers as backup, and a project manager, so there's always someone to support your application. We also ensure knowledge continuity which alleviates any risk due to turnover.

You don't get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.

Mike Hawkins, Leadership Consultant

You Choose the Terms

We offer 3 standard models for engaging our software development services.

Pick the model that's right for your business needs, or we can customize an engagement model specific to the goals of your company. Our agreements are intended to provide clarity, not to lock you in. We do that by delivering great results!


Flex Model

The flex model is our most popular model and is ideal for longer-term needs where you have a monthly budget, yet you also want some flexibility to add or reduce resources.


Value Model

With this model, you set a fixed project budget and we work with your team to prioritize the most important features and tasks in order to maximize the results.


Block Model

This model is best when you need to build or fix something quickly and it's not a large project. Blocks can be by the hour, by the day, by the week, or by the month.